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Welcome to my blog, where i discuss everything business related, with one of my key focus points being ERP. Im from a small town out of the US (not revealing where for my privacy) and business is becoming big in what was once a small town as I knew it.

The average cost, according to a survey of small, medium and large companies, is around $ 15 million (the most expensive being $ 300 million and the cheapest $ 400,000.) The government will start receiving benefits about 8 months after the entire new system is installed (31 months in total), and these benefits will be $ 1.6 million.

ERP presents several hidden costs, some of which we quote below:

Preparation of the workers; Integration and tests; Data conversion; 

Data analysis; 

Replacement of the best ones; 

Implementation of equipment never stops; 

Post-ERP depression

I hope you enjoy reading my musings and thoughts on here.

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